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Trixie Outdoor Bird Feeder, Plastic, 23 cm

Trixie Outdoor Bird Feeder, Plastic, 23 cm

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Having beautiful birds visiting your garden or terrace is always a joy. The Trixie Outdoor Bird Feeder gives them a good reason to drop by! With a removable lid on top, it is easy to fill this with food for birdies. Do some research on the birds who frequent your neighbourhood and fill accordingly. Hang it on a grill or branch and wait for your lovely winged visitors!


  • Product type: Outdoor Feeder for birds
  • Plastic construction
  • Removable lid
  • Handle for convenience
  • Equipped with perches for birds to stand
  • Different birds have different diets. To draw birds to your feeder look up the appropriate diet and fill feeder accordingly.
  • Measurements: 450 ml/23 cm,Height 23 cm
HUFT Tip: When it comes to setting out bird feeders, positioning is very important. You need to place it in a spot where predators like cats will not be able to reach the birds when they come by for a snack. If the bird feeder is placed in a spot that is easily accessed by cats, birds may not visit.

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