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Taiyo Amber Flowerhorn Asta Plus

Taiyo Amber Flowerhorn Asta Plus

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  • Features - AstaXanthin of superior quality is added to enhance the colour which supports your fish to retain their natural beauty. Also induces in restoring the vivid colouration to saturated specimens. Contains superior quality proteins, which offers better digestion and overall improved growth through effective utilization of beneficial nutrients. Added Vitamin C along with a unique blend of nutrients, which overall supports growth and builds immunity.
  • Cichlid and large tropical fish enjoy the taste and texture and serve as a daily source of excellent growth.
  • Ingredients - Special head growth enhancing ingredient, fish protein, quality white fishmeal, krill, spirulina, wheat germ, dried yeast, wheat flour, antarctic shrimps, protease, stable multivitamin and mineral, organic mineral, etc.
  • Feeding instructions - Feed daily minimum 2-3 times, the same quantity which can be consumed in 4-5 minutes. Extra caution should be taken to not overfeed and net-out leftovers to avoid making the tank water cloudy or dirty. Feeding supports the healthy growth of the head and also induces a more contoured shape.

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