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SUNSUN UV Filter CUV-510

SUNSUN UV Filter CUV-510

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This equipment can kill the harmful germs and algae in the aquarium and the pond, which offers a healthier environment for the fish

Before the water circulation, the electrical source of the UVC filter cannot be switched on. Please place the UVC in the steady, safe spot, because the UV light tube is made of quartz glass which is easy to be broken.
If the UV light tube or the body shell looks like broken, the equipment cannot be used. When any person in the water, the UVC cannot be used. Please make sure that the electrical voltage, frequency used is consistent with the indication on the suction of the UVC filter. When installing the equipment, the installation regulation of domestic should be followed. Make sure the maximum pressure of the body shell endured is less than 0.4 bar. When install the UV filter, please don't let it under the sunlight directly. The dirtiness on the quartz tube will influence the effect of the, please clean the quartz tube in time. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the equipment, the UV light should be replaced after 8000 hours usage

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