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Sunsun ADP 300J Aquarium LED Light

Sunsun ADP 300J Aquarium LED Light

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Sunsun ADP 300J Lights: is a micro-sized LED lamp designed for aquariums of 40-44 cm in length.

The ADP (Aquatic Domination Power) series of LED lamps is another milestone in LED lamp development. The light outperforms well-known and recognized brands thanks to the use of upgraded HBLED diodes.

The lights’ High Brightness LEDs are responsible for the lamps’ exceptional energy efficiency and great light production. The illuminance-to-power-consumption ratio is 4.5W, whereas even the finest competitors producing nano-tank lamps produce around 3000lx/W.

These lights can be utilized in a small plant aquarium. Micro size, energy efficiency, strong lighting output, great aesthetics, and a low price are only a few of its benefits. The light is devoted to all individuals who value brand loyalty and plant-rich freshwater aquariums.

The method for putting together an ADP lamp is as follows:

The lamp is placed on the aquarium’s edge with the help of the included legs. The stands may be mounted on aquariums of various widths and can be mounted on glass with a thickness of 2 to 12 mm. The NANO version has only one support for the glass’s edge.


  • All aluminum alloy lamp frame structure design
  • Powerful cooling system.
  • Low voltage, waterproof splash design
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Model : ADJ-300J

Size: L300xW22xH7mm

Lamp Power : 4.5W

Fit for Aquarium size : 400-440mm

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