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Maxspect RSX RS- 300/ R5F-300 Led Light

Maxspect RSX RS- 300/ R5F-300 Led Light

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Maxspect RSX 300 Watt LED Ramp is designed to illuminate a freshwater aquarium up to 150 cm in length

Introducing the Maxspect RSX RS-300, a game-changer in aquarium lighting. With its powerful and versatile LED technology, this lighting system takes your underwater world to the next level.

The RSX lighting system is equipped with 20 diode clusters, making it far more powerful than its predecessor, the R420r. These clusters are fitted with Mitsubishi acrylic lenses and reflectors, ensuring exceptional clarity and blend of light. Say goodbye to dull and uneven lighting!

Control is a breeze with the RSX. It offers four channels of control, giving you the flexibility to adjust your lighting manually, via the built-in onboard controller and display, or wirelessly through the Syna-G app and ICV 6 controller (sold separately). Customize the lighting to your liking with ease.

Enhanced Power: The RSX’s 20 diode clusters provide a boost of power, giving your aquarium the lighting it deserves.
Effortless Control: With four channels of control and multiple options for adjusting your lighting, the RSX puts you in charge.
The sleek and aerodynamic design of the RSX not only looks stunning but also ensures optimal cooling. The 3036 architectural grade aluminum chassis is just 2.8mm thick at the edges, making the unit appear streamlined over any aquarium. Mount it on your tank using leg mounts or suspend it over the aquarium using a suspension kit – the choice is yours.

Suitable for tanks measuring 120 - 150cm (47.2 - 59”) in length, the RSX RS-300 is the perfect lighting solution for aquarium enthusiasts. Don't settle for ordinary lighting when you can have extraordinary. Experience the power and versatility of the Maxspect RSX RS-300.

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