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NEW Chihiros cooling fan Bluetooth Edition

NEW Chihiros cooling fan Bluetooth Edition

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Equipped with a temperature probe, can test the water temperature.
Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, can test the room temperature and humidity.
More advanced settings via AUTO mode.

High-performance aquarium fan, silent, built-in brushless motor, voltage 9v, aluminum alloy shell with protection level ip55.

High-quality fan can cool the water of the aquarium economically and effectively by using large air volume evaporation.

Cooling fan:Too high or too low temperature is not very friendly to fish, a suitable temperature is very important for our fish, Aquarium fan can help you solve this problem in the hot summer. Quiet, energy efficient, windy, safe, let your fish have a comfortable summer.

Three-Speed Wind Control:the appropriate wind speed can be selected according to the indoor temperature, the water temperature can be reduced to 2 ~ 4℃, adjustable clamp can be clamped cylinder wall thickness within 14mm, no installation, easy to use, can be easily fixed to the edge of the aquarium, very firm.

Safe And Reliable:rated voltage of fan is 9V, high safety standard, ensure fan safety. Coil away from tank water does not pose a risk of short circuit.

Quiet, Energy Efficient:it's a cool fan for fresh and saltwater aquariums, so it's much quieter than a regular fan. 9 Volts of safe human voltage, low energy consumption, not only saves power for you, but also gives your fish a nice summer.

  • Rated voltage: DC 9V
  • Rated current:0.27 ±10%A
  • Rated input power:2.8 ±0.5W
  • Motor revolution:3800RPM ±10%
  • Operating voltage:4V-9V
  • Operating temperature:-10°C — +85°C
  • Product size:100*75.5*82.5m

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