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Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt for Saltwater 3.35KG | Marine Aquarium Tanks

Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt for Saltwater 3.35KG | Marine Aquarium Tanks

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Blue Treasure SPS Sea Salt

The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS sea salt is the result of years of research into the physiological requirements of corals in the reef aquarium and the growth, culture of other marine living organisms around the world. It is the ideal product for saltwater aquariums.

The new formula of Blue Treasure SPS (stony coral) sea salt has been specially developed for the growth and cultivation of SPS (stony coral), this new formula has the required levels of calcium, magnesium, strontium and other essential trace elements of natural seawater.

In addition, it also replenished more Ca, Mg, K and other trace minerals to maintain enough essential elements to stay alive and help grow SPS.

It is produced using extremely strict manufacturing processes in accordance with ISO9001:2008 requirements.


  • Use 1 kg of Blue Treasure SPS sea salt mix with 28.5 liters of deionized water until the salt is completely dissolved or take 35 grams of SPS sea salt dissolving in 1 liter of deionized water to make the sea water.

At a temperature of 23-25C/73-77F, the specific gravity of the salt water should range from 1.024 to 1.026.

Unlike other vaporized industrial salts, Blue Treasure Salt’s sodium chloride is purified from pure, uncontaminated underground brine.

It is an extremely rare underground brine source in the world, found only in the areas of Bohai Bay and Huanghai Bay. This rich underground brine allows us to produce the best quality sodium chloride found anywhere on Earth.

In addition, the research department of Ocean University of China has been helping Blue Treasure to utilize these natural resources since 1966 and their scientific research enables us to provide the best quality sea salt

The raw materials of all Blue Treasure synthetic sea salts are selected from pure, food-safe materials and contain all trace elements that occur in natural seawater. Other special vitamins and protective colloids are added to Blue Treasure Salt to enhance the immune functions of living marine organisms.

The SPS sea salt improves the absorption capacity of the marine living organisms, improves their physique and maintains the ideal buffering capacity and stable pH. It is particularly suitable for the cultivation of sensitive corals.

The Blue Treasure sea salts have been used for many years in public aquariums, zoos and scientific institutions around the world and now available in the Netherlands through Ocean Store!

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