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Biozym Marine Formula 215g

Biozym Marine Formula 215g

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BIOZYM MARINE FISH FOOD with ingredients extracted from natural asbestos sets, spirulina, caroten and other natural coloring ingredients to keep the color of sea fish always bright. A balanced source of nutrition helps sea fish maintain their perfect shape and grow rapidly.

In addition, Biozym Marine Fish Food contains a unique group of bacteria, bacillus natto probiotics, plant lactic bacteria, bifidobacterium, lactobacillus acidophilus, radiation, yeast. to improve the digestive function of sea fish, strengthen resistance and minimize the incidence of diseases. In addition, Biozym Marine has the function of filtering water and reducing water pollution.

Ingredients: marine plankton, sardine meat protein, white fishmeal, egg powder, soy powder, Antarctic shrimp, organic matter, natural immunoglobulin, protein-breaking enzymes, organic minerals, 16 vitamins, natural pigments, plant lactic acid bacteria, bacterial bacteria, yeast.


* Specifications: 215 grams.

* Shelf life: 2 years.

Instructions for using:

* Feed 2~3 times a day, with a sufficient amount of food for the fish to eat out within 3~6 minutes. Suitable for small and medium-sized sea fish.

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