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Wooden table aquarium bowl light (M) 7W

Wooden table aquarium bowl light (M) 7W

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Wooden table aquarium bowl light (M) 7W


This lamp is ideal to illuminate a nano aquarium, fish tanks, indoor potted plants, succulent terrariums, Wabi Kusa, an aquatic terrarium, an underwater terrarium, a miniature or a bonsai terrarium. No matter what shape your tank or pot is, just simply put it on the bamboo board and your tank/plant is illuminated.

This is an aquarium light for plants. The full Spectrum LED is designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier and make plants look vivid. The lamp consistently emits wavelengths in the wide range, including those wavelengths visible to the human eye (what we perceive as color) and the invisible wavelengths, like ultraviolet and infrared. As a result, it will allow plants to grow healthily, as naturally grown in the sun.

It features hard texture, water-proof, strong temperature insulation, no deformation and anti-insect.

This aquarium led light’s lamp head is 360 Degree adjustable to meet your need. Each lamp bead is equipped with a lens that designs to effectively increase the width and depth of the illumination without causing waste of light.

an aquarium enthusiast or a person who likes to have a miniature landscape such as a potted plant, betta fish tank ,then you will love this led grow light. The design of this lamp is very simple. The high quality bamboo board at the bottom can perfectly support your work. The bamboo material features hard texture, strong temperature insulation, no deformation and anti-insect. A full spectrum LED light is on the top with three different wattage for your choice. (5W/7W/9W) With 6000K color temperature, its spectrum is almost the same as the daylight, which is essential to the plants’ health. It is also equipped with a switch for easy operation. In addition to the beautiful effect, this lamp can be an ideal desk lamp, you can carry out your creation on the bamboo board, such as painting, crafts production, etc., the LED light on the top will offer you a very clear lighting.

  • 7W – 630 Lumens
  • Bamboo board size: 11 in X 10.5 in X 0.5 in
  • LED Light Maximum Height : 18 in

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