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Aquael HyperMax 4500 Canister Filter

Aquael HyperMax 4500 Canister Filter

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The Aquael HYPERMAX 4500 offers an impressive 15.9 L filter capacity and is incredibly energy efficient thanks to its electronically controlled pump. 2 inlet hoses and 2 outlet hoses ensure good water circulation and prevent the formation of dead zones in aquariums with capacities of 200 to 1500 L.

With an operating voltage of 24 V, the Hypermax 4500 offers a high level of safety and switches off automatically if the rotor is blocked. An acoustic signal and flashing diodes indicate such a situation. This is also the case when there is no rotor in the engine compartment.

For professionals and beginners
The Hypermax 4500 has been carefully designed with user-friendliness and intuitive operation in mind – perfect for even the most inexperienced aquarist. It includes features such as the easy to use control panel and dials. Proven and patented functions from the popular ULTRAMAX filters have been adopted, such as the spacious 1.5 L pre-filter which captures large impurities and significantly reduces filter maintenance. The pre-filter can be easily cleaned without having to take the unit out of the compartment.

Double ball valve system
Another problem that aquarists often face is water drainage when the inlet and outlet hoses need to be disconnected in order to access the interior of the filter. Hypermax solves this problem with a patented double ball valve system. It closes the filter inlet and outlet in the lid and the hose openings, thus preventing uncontrolled water leakage.

Self-priming filter
Setting the filter up for use is also easy. The filter gets filled with aquarium water in just 2 to 4 piston strokes.

HYPERMAX 4500 Filter
For aquariums up to (litres) 200 – 1500
Power (Watt) 18 – 36
Height (cm) 200
Dimensions cm (WxDxH) 36 x 36 x 55.5 (with valves)
Filter capacity (litres) 4500
Number of baskets 4
Basket capacity (litres) 3.6
Tank volume (litres) 15.9
Hose diameter (mm) 19/25
Number of hoses 4
Length of hoses (m) 1.5
Filter sponge 1 x 20 ppi, 1 x 30 ppi, 1 x 10 ppi pre-filter

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