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Aqua Nature Bio Nitra X 400 gm

Aqua Nature Bio Nitra X 400 gm

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Bio-NitraX is a natural, porous material due to a pore structure that promotes both aerobic nitrifications within the first few millimeters of depth and anaerobic denitrification at the core. The material has a high surface area which supports a high density of bacteria. Although Bio-NitraX has the capacity to trap nitrate. “Live” rocks or reef rocks remove nitrate by anaerobic denitrification.removes nitrate in the same method. Water will get passed through Bio-NitraX media due to the porous structure. As with reef rock, anaerobic conditions are achieved by the porosity and the depletion of oxygen by the aerobic process at the surface.

Excessive flow rates should, therefore, be avoided, as they may impede the development of an adequate anaerobic environment to support denitrifying bacteria. Bio-NitraX is also an excellent media for aerobic nitrification and it makes an ideal biological filter in drip trays, canister filters, sumps. At high flow rates (greater than 100 US gallons per hour), it will function solely as an aerobic filter. At slow flow rates (less than 50 US gallons per hour), it will function as both an aerobic filter and an anaerobic denitrifying filter. USAGE Efficient bio filtration Helps to removing Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and organics DIRECTIONS For best results, Bio-NitraX should be placed to assure the flow of water through it, such as in a canister filter or in sump tank. Flow rate should not exceed 200 L (50 US gallons) per hour.

If higher flow rates are unavoidable, use Bio-NitraX. It is best to rinse off dust before use. Once Bio-NitraX has been in use for several days, nitrate concentrations should start to fall. As long as nitrate concentrations remain under control, the product is not exhausted. RECOMMENDATION Use AQUANATURE NITRIFYING BACTERIA when introduce AQUANATURE Bio-NitraX or AQUANATURE Bio-Bacto+. STORAGE Store in a cool,dry place. CAUTION Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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