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Aqua Nature Algae Out 250 ml

Aqua Nature Algae Out 250 ml

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BENEFITS AQUANATURE ALGAE OUT stops the Algae Growth in Aquarium. Excessive algae growth is the most common problem of aquarium keepers. Excessive algae growth is both unattractive to fish and plant life. AQUANATURE ALGAE OUT is the most concentrated algaecide formula available. Algae Out targets string algae, blanket weed and green water caused by single celled algae. Unlike some algaecides on the market, AQUANATURE ALGAE OUT contains no copper and is a selective algae control product that will not harm fish and live plants when used as directed. AQUANATURE ALGAE OUT is effective in freshwater aquariums, and small ponds. USAGE .Stops Algae Growth No More Green Water Controls String Algae Fast Acting DIRECTIONS Shake well before use. Push 4 times Equal to (5 ml) per 50 US gallons (190 L) of aquarium water. Repeat dose every three days until algae is controlled. Not safe for use with snails, shrimp. RECOMMENDATION Use AQUANATURE CHLORINE ERASE ADVANCE or AQUANATURE STRESS RELAX + while adding tap water. STORAGE Store in a cool,dry place. CAUTION Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. seek medical attention immediately. If in eyes, flush with water, if irritation continues, seek medical attention.

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