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NY Aquarium N76 Nano Bio Brick (30 Pieces) | Aquarium Filter Media

NY Aquarium N76 Nano Bio Brick (30 Pieces) | Aquarium Filter Media

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Nano Bio Brick N76:

The number one media in Taiwan is an new improved version. These nano bricks are better than it’s predecessor and other traditional media in term of efficiency and effectiveness. It uses lesser space to house more beneficial bacteria. Long lasting of up to 10 years and does not breakdown easily. PH neutral. Easy to wash.


  • New generation ceramics nano Bio-brick Superporous ceramic blocks.
  • Nano Bio-brick is made from baked small ceramic spheres, which creates an ultra-high surface area for bacteria.
  • This allows you to reduce the amount of filler for biological filtration in your aquarium tenfold. Filler is suitable for all types of aquariums, as well as ponds.This unique ceramic material has an unattainable surface area for other fillers. Suitable for samps, internal and external filters, reactors, hinged filters. It can also be used directly in the aquarium. The package includes 30 blocks of different colors, each of which performs its function:


White: High-energy bio-brick:

As soon as the energy brick is soaked with water, it begins to emit potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, manganese, titanium, phosphorus and other elements. Almost 20 types of essentials and minerals. Long-term use strengthens the immune system of fish, improves resistance to infections.

Dark: Infrared nano-brick:

Promotes tissue regeneration, enhances cellular energy, improves vitality, etc. improves water functions and properties.

Blue: Negative ionization brick:

The ceramic block is formed by adding a highly active ceramic powder with negative ions. Hundreds of millions of pairs of electrodes, when they come into contact with water, turns into small molecular clusters. This increases solubility and permeability, and produces negative hydrogen and oxygen ions. Cell activity increases, strengthens the immunity of the fish body.


Made using the technology of roasting ceramics in combination with nano-silver. Produces an antibacterial effect, activates antibacterial functions, is a strong absorbent. The sulfhydral group of enzyme protein in the body of the bacterium quickly binds and the bacterial fungus dies. Suppresses primary E. coli, salmonella, P. Aeruginosa, enterococchi and listeria.


Hitin nano-brick Is made of purified marine organisms. It can be used to remove ammonia, nitrates, sulfates, heavy metals, etc. Bacteria are fixed, grow and start to act within a short period of time, allowing the water to be quickly cleaned.


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